The days of infancy fly by when you’re a mom with a little one, especially if you have another older sibling under toe! I remember well when my youngest looked up at me with his sweet blue eyes and formed his first smile. My thought, after utter delight and excitement, was, “Wow, we’re there already?” Or the day my youngest took his first step (which was earlier than his brother had done), and now watching him literally run circles around us!  It is so easy to get swept up with the day to day and not even realize these changes are happening before my eyes. It’s when I look back at images taken of my little guy throughout his first year that I realize how much he has grown and how far he has come in such a short window of time.  Because these moments are fleeting, documenting my baby’s milestones are especially important to me.

At the heart of my business is documenting beautiful beginnings.  Simply put, there is nothing I love to do more than capture the details and moments of these precious times in a family’s life.  Afterwards, presenting them with beautiful images they can look back on with joy and smile is the reason I do what I do.  Offering my Baby’s 1st Year Milestone Collection is one way I can do this. I get to spend time documenting the moments of their new little one’s 1st year of life and all of the changes that happen in such a short amount of time!


When I got together with Carrie & her family for their youngest’s 3-month session, I couldn’t believe all the changes in him and how much he had grown since his newborn session. (See more from his newborn session here.) What was exciting too was listening to his momma share proudly about his accomplishments and what a happy little guy he was.  I think the best thing was watching this little guy’s face light up with the sweetest smile and expression when he realized someone was paying attention and talking to him.Raleigh-Baby-Milestone-Photography-Kate-Cherry-Photography-1Raleigh-Baby-Photography-Kate-Cherry-Photography-1Raleigh-Baby-Milestone-Photography-Kate-Cherry-Photography-6Raleigh-Baby-Photography-Kate-Cherry-Photography-2Raleigh-Family-Photography-Kate-Cherry-PhotographyRaleigh-Baby-Milestone-Photography-Kate-Cherry-PhotographyRaleigh-Baby-Milestone-Photography-Kate-Cherry-Photography-5raleigh-baby-photography-kate-cherry-photography-wake-forest

I love seeing the differences in kids at their various stages of development. Whenever I do a session that’s part of a Baby’s 1st Year Collection, I always ask the parents beforehand where their child is in the way of smiling, sitting up or standing. Since kids have a can hit these various milestones at all different times, I find it works best scheduling a session once the child has started sitting up, or is standing (as an example) instead of feeling like we have to work a session in at a specific age.  This gives us some flexibility in timing and often takes pressure off the parents since their child can take his/her time to achieve certain skills.


Once all of the sessions are completed in a Baby’s 1st Year Collection, I present a custom-designed heirloom memory book for the baby’s family.  This documents the sweet moments and changes of their son or daughter over the last year.  These are such sacred keepsakes and something parents are so excited to receive so they can share it with their family and friends. The best part is, they can be shared and looked through for years to come. I’ve found as my own boys have grown, one of their biggest joys is looking through their own memory books to see what they looked like as a baby and how we spent time together as a family. It’s something that’s priceless for me to watch as their faces light up when they turn each page and get excited about what they see.

For more information about Baby’s 1st Year Collections, feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!  I’d love to talk to you and hear your story :)