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eing a storyteller at heart, I have a deep desire to know and love people where they are in their season of life.

Hey, I'm Kate!

Getting to know my clients personally is so important. Finding out what drives fellow entrepreneurs and how they connect with clients is an important piece to how we approach their session. And for the beautiful moms out there, you are amazing and I get you. Wearing all the hats and being all the things is tough to keep up with, but capturing the moments of you with your littles in this particular season is so important. 

I am a wife to a loving husband, an entrepreneur in a business that I LOVE, and a mom to three who keep me on my toes, keep my reflexes quick and make my heart so full.  In my spare time I enjoy a good cup of hot tea, making healthy snacks for my family and enjoying a good movie night with my kids. 

I can't wait to meet you and learn more about your passions! 


I love to laugh, enjoy the outdoors, explore new places, love on animals, and treat every person in front of my camera like family.

Get To Know Me

Because it's


Than Just Photos

13+ Years of full-time experience. Check.
World traveler. Check.
mom who gets it. Check. 
Let's do this!

Favorite place :

The Big Island, Hawaii

Favorite dessert:

Chocolate chip cookies - all the way!

favorite TV showS: 

Downton Abbey, Parenthood

# of states traveled to:

14 and counting!

drink of choice:

iced peach green tea

years as a photographer:

13! Whaaaaatt?

favorite part of the country:

Mountains of North Carolina & Virginia




Making sure your images are unique and authentic  to you

A great time



Let's Make It Awesome

A Glimpse Behind my Why

When I started dabbling in photography, I was in high school and became the friend who was always documenting the moment.  At the end of each year, I created a large wall collage that outlined our year together and allowed me to remember all of the fond memories we made.  I realized with every season that came to a close that I had captured the moments to help those seasons live long after they were gone.  

Fast forward to becoming a professional photographer, mom and ultimately losing loved ones around me, I realized more than ever how precious these images were that I was taking.  It was more than just a memory to enjoy; it was a memory that now lived outside of myself and could be shared with others. 

There's no guarantee that our images of today will stay preserved on our hard drives and phones. While digital images are important, having our images printed is equally important. As technology changes, our memories can be preserved in the way of heirloom prints and wall art that stand the test of time. They can be passed down through generations and tell a story of where they came from. 

I want to help others tell their story through images. It's why I feel so passionately about providing memories for people that can live outside of themselves and bring them and their loved ones joy. It's more than a photograph - it's preserving priceless memories.

We're not guaranteed tomorrow...


I LOVE my photos. I loved that you knew exactly what to do. You had a vision and a plan and you gave clear instructions to get it accomplished. I appreciated that you made me feel comfortable as this was my first professional photo shoot. I loved your process from beginning to end. From the consultation to planning to execution, it was so professional. I knew exactly what was going on and felt very prepared. Your recommendations for make up artists, location etc were spot on. 

"I lOVED yOUR process from
beginning to end!"

Kelly & Nick

I love how Kate captured our relationships and the excitement we had in anticipation of the birth of our twins in our photos. She made the whole process from location selection to styling to photoshoot days fun and relaxing.  Kate's organization and thoughtfulness about all of the details made the whole experience very enjoyable! The pre-shoot consultation and guides help you know what to expect and how to prepare. She's amazing with getting toddlers to smile and captures their personalities so well!

"Kate's organization and thoughtfulness about all of the details made the whole experience very enjoyable!"


I was absolutely blown away by my finished photos! Choosing just 75 of them proved to be such a difficult task that I purchased more than the agreed upon package! You made ME photogenic!  You are a beautifully gifted genius, and I love the pictures - I'm beyond excited!  You made the whole photography session a lot of fun and knew just how to get me to laugh and to encourage a genuine smile. Truly, I'm in awe of your talent!

"I was absolutely blown away by my finished photos!"

Ansley & Christina

We were excited to review our images and really enjoyed looking through our options. You were so great to work with and we appreciate your eye!  We are excited to integrate these into our website and social media!  You guided us in which photographs would be the most helpful to use in our business for our website and social media. You have a great amount of business branding knowledge and are so helpful throughout the whole process from planning through receiving your pictures. We look forward to working with you again for our next session. We highly recommend contacting Kate for your next session!

"You were so great to work with and we appreciate your eye! "


I can’t say enough how much I love our family photos! They are, by far, my favorite yet. I feel like each person in my family was captured in their true essence and you’re not just seeing a still image, but the personality of each of us through the photos. That’s so precious to me because my children are still very young, and their personalities will change, and it gives me such joy knowing that I can always look back on these, and remember exactly the way they were!

"These images of my family are, by far, my favorite yet!"


Kate!! The pictures are awesome!! You do such a great job!  You are a fantastic photographer and a pleasure to work with. You captured our family's unique dynamic and personality during each photo session. I am so grateful for your photos that document our growing family over the years! 

"Kate!! The pictures are awesome!!."