Creating Senior Portraits in the Snow

Senior Photography

Brrr!  I have to admit that I’m a little excited that spring isn’t too far away and that summer will follow quickly behind that.  It has been such a frigid winter in Ohio!  Being from the south, I can safely say this winter has allowed me to experience the coldest temperatures I’ve ever witnessed – a mere -14 degrees topped the list.  And the high that day was -2 :)  But as cold as everything has been, there are definitely beautiful aspects nature gives us that we can’t overlook.

Something that has been somewhat of a dream of mine is to do an artistic photography session in the snow.  When I approached Arden about doing a two-part series to her senior session this year and asked if we might do the first part with her horse in the snow, she was all for it.  I was elated as the ideas started to spill over in my mind and couldn’t wait to try out some different things to bring out the simplicity of nature but also the beauty of Arden too.

As cold as we were by the end of the session, I think it was well worth it.  Arden did so well and even braved riding her horse without gloves so she could feel the reigns.  We couldn’t have asked for better conditions and I am really looking forward to part two of her session that we plan to do this spring/summer.


Arden Blog Post Image 2140106_Arden_McMath_Snow_22-print-1-web Arden Blog Post Image 3140106_Arden_McMath_Snow_01-web Arden Blog Post Image 4140106_Arden_McMath_Snow_34-web140106_Arden_McMath_Snow_49-web140106_Arden_McMath_Snow_63-web140106_Arden_McMath_Snow_56-webArden was such a great sport about throwing snow in the air, even when she got a cold dose of it in her face after the wind caught hold of it :)

140106_Arden_McMath_Snow_06-webArden Blog Post Image