Mommy & Me Mini Sessions


The other day, we had a wonderful tease of spring where the temperature climbed into the 50s!  For us this winter, that is amazing considering that just a month and ½ ago it was so cold that it was a difference of 65 degrees from where we are now.  With the coming of spring, that means warmer temperatures, flowers, brilliant colors and just an overall wakefulness of our little town.  I’m just a little excited about this :)

So, to celebrate spring, I’m thrilled to be offering a series of mini sessions just in time for Mother’s Day called “Mommy & Me.”  These are short little sessions perfect for moms with their kids to be themselves and have fun.  We’ll get raw, real moments shared between mom and her most precious possessions and make sure to have a lot of laughs along the way.  The great thing is that this can be for any age, whether there are small children, they are completely grown or somewhere in between – there’s no limit on when you can share sweet moments between you and your child.

These sessions will take place on May 10th during the early evening hours and include a small set of digital files with a print release.  E-mail me if you’d like to be part of this great event and I can send you more information about it.  Take a look at some of the details below :)

Mommy & Me Sessions