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Happy April!  The warm temperatures of springtime are right around the corner, and I for one am eagerly anticipating them!  With the onset of spring brings about a season of celebrations – everything from weddings to graduations, birthdays and welcoming new little ones into the world.

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Planning a creative party can be hard, but there are ways to make it easy

There are some great places around town I have found that can be a great help in getting everything together for a party or event you want to plan.  As a mom, I often find it difficult to try to do everything myself when it comes time to plan a party for my little guy.  What are some creative things we can do?  How am I going to find time to bake a cake?   Once everything is done how am I going to put the house back together?

This week, I wanted to offer a tip for those who live in the Findlay area and are planning celebrations.  Located in downtown Findlay is a local bakery called Buggy Whip Bakery that I encourage you to visit.  Jen Fulton, owner and baker, is a delightful person who finds her joy in making things for people and seeing their excitement when her clients pick up their orders.

Buggy Whip Bakery FindlayBakery in Findlay OhioBuggy Whip Bakery Findlay OH

A creative option for a small party

One of the great things that Jen offers aside from delicious cakes, cookies and pastries is an area to have a small get-together or party where moms and their kids can come and decorate their own cupcakes in a professional bakery setting.  Jen supplies everything you need and the kids can even wear little aprons and baker hats.  As a do-it-yourself kind of mom who loves creative projects, I loved this idea when she mentioned it to me.  It’s a great way for a child to be creative, have a little fun and learn about cake decorating all in one place.   And as a bonus, they get to eat what they make!

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Get exactly what you want when you want it

Buggy Whip Bakery bakes all of their items from scratch and often they get comments that their goods remind clients of things they enjoyed in their grandmother’s kitchen.  What’s nice to know is what you get is fresh and many items are put together right there in their store.  Jen also mentioned that she enjoys trying new things and being creative both visually and on the taste buds, so it’s always a treat.

Cupcake decorating Findlay OHBuggy Whip Bakery pastriesBuggy Whip Bakery cupcakes

What else do they offer?

Beyond offering cupcakes for eating and decorating and making birthday cakes for parties, Buggy Whip Bakery offers baked goods for lots of special occasions such as baby showers, graduations, baptisms and weddings, to name a few.   They also offer a delivery service, which can be great if you’re running short on time or have a busy schedule planning for your event and other things going on in your life.

Buggy Whip jellies

Buggy Whip bakery has been in business for over 20 years and opened their Findlay location a little over a year ½ ago.  By using tried and true recipes (some of which are over 100 years old passed down through their family) they have maintained a great clientele and look forward to the many prospects that are to come.

So if you are a mom looking for something a little different to do with your little one, or you are a bride who is looking for the perfect cake or baked good for your special day, check out Buggy Whip Bakery located in downtown Findlay.  Beginning in May, the bakery will be open on Tuesdays making their hours Tuesday-Thursday 10am-3pm, Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

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Here is the contact information for Buggy Whip Bakery:
Buggywhipcakes.com | 567-301-2203   For questions or inquiries: Info@buggywhipcakes.com

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