Top 3 Columbia SC Parks to Explore

Family Photography

As a photographer in Columbia, SC, I am always on the lookout for great spots for photography sessions around the area.  I look for places that offer a variety of scenic spaces, open areas, and ones that I know are easily accessible and perfect for light.  Knowing that, I often will seek out local parks that offer a variety of these choices.  Here are the top three Columbia SC parks I recommend:

1: Columbia’s Riverfront Park

This area is one of Columbia’s most iconic spots.  Lined with paths for biking and walking, Columbia’s Riverfront Park is also home to a small amphitheater with all sorts of architectural structures around it.  The park was built around the city’s original water system, so it offers some great grassy areas near the river that are perfect for families or seniors alike. 

2: The USC Horseshoe and Grounds

Part of the University of South Carolina’s campus, the Horseshoe offers a little bit of everything for photography sessions.  The brick paths and older buildings that line the Horseshoe. along with the old oak trees make you feel like you’re walking through parts of Charleston at times.  I love the garden nooks in between the buildings and the other areas across the campus that offer perfect spots to get some beautiful portraits.

3: The Lexington Museum

This little hidden gem in Lexington, SC offers rich history of the way life was in the south during the civil war.  Over 36 different buildings make up the property, including the original post office of Lexington.  Between wooded areas, gardens, old buildings and open grassy areas, The Lexington Museum offers quite a bit of variety to choose from when it comes to making portraits. 

For more information about other great parks In the area, check out this article by Redfin where I was featured as a local residential expert: Uncovering Popular Outdoor Parks in Columbia, SC | Redfin  It highlights some of the places I listed here, but several others worth your time and exploration as well.