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So last week, I blogged about goals I wanted to try and implement throughout my business as well in my personal and family life.  See that post here.  In reflection of my last two years in business, I have found that it is better (and many times easier!) to list two to three goals to accomplish in a set week instead of listing 50, which is something I’ve been guilty of doing in the past!   So how did I do?

For my personal goal of continuing the Lenten bible study with my husband, I did ok.  I was able to keep up with it for the most part, though I did get behind on a couple of days, but have since caught up.  What I’d like to set for this week is a goal of maintaining the daily reading for that study and doing a better job of setting a specific hour/time for me to read it.

For my family goal of finding something positive about each day to share with my husband – some days I was better than others with this :)   I think I thought about it more than I actually said it, so that is something I need to work on vocalizing.  I find it’s easy to buy into negativity from others, especially when it’s cloudy, gray and cold out most days.  I’d like to become more diligent about finding the positives and making a point to speak them out loud so it becomes more real and part of my everyday thinking.

And my business goal of getting ready and photographing the Red Cross Oscar gala that was over the weekend, went very well.  The event was a great success and I saw many familiar faces who attended.  I always like to see people dressed up enjoying themselves just because they can.  It’s a great feeling to experience that with them!  Here are a couple of highlights from the Batman’s “Gothom City”-themed event:

Oscar Web 1IMG_8712-webIMG_8718-1-webIMG_8836-web

Oh, and the prints I said I was going to make?  Those are still in the works :)

All in all, I must say, writing down my goals and listing them out for the world to see helped me stay accountable to them.  I also didn’t feel like so much of a failure that I didn’t accomplish the normal 50 tasks, because three was a feasible number and gave me time to do them.  I listened to a great webinar earlier today that said, “Do not let other’s successes define yours.  Determine what success means to you and set out to accomplish just that.”  Do you ever feel like you don’t allow enough time in a day or week to get done everything you’d like to accomplish?  Do you realize that you set up what your “accomplishment” looks like by someone else’s life or his/her successes?  Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing this until I’m in the middle of it. Knowing all of that, for this week, I am setting out to define my success as the following:

  • Continuing the Lenten study with my husband and making a date night out of one of the evenings he is home (even if our little one has to be in the middle of it :) )
  • Becoming more diligent about vocalizing the positives of each day and finding 30 minutes each day to do some recreational reading just for me
  • Focusing on downloading the many images from various photo sessions I’ve completed into my website to update pages and committing to writing a blog post about at least one of the sessions I haven’t written about before

So wish me luck!  I hope you all are able to define what success means and looks like for you.  Perhaps you can assign a few goals for yourself like I have, or maybe it’s just doing one thing on your list that you’ve been meaning to get to for months.  Whatever it is, if we stay focused, we can accomplish anything :)  We each define what success looks like independently for ourselves.