A Beautiful Raleigh Family Photography Session

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“This little miss hasn’t taken a good nap today, so I’m not really sure how she’ll do…”

Meredith greeted me at her house when I came to photograph her family this fall, and I knew right away she was concerned about her littlest peanut not cooperating well for us. I reassured her that we would go with her daughter’s sleep schedule and temperament and we’d make it work out however she wanted to be for that day; and that’s exactly what we did :-)

Getting Started

When we started the session, I could tell her youngest was quite sleepy, but overall she did really well as we took the first few images of their family all together.
raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_01 raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_02raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_04 raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_33

As we got a little ways into taking photos, baby Mary Piper was getting fussy, so I moved to taking images of her big sister with beautiful golden-blonde curls and an endearing personality to match. While we were working on that and I was playing with Keller, little Mary Piper started to fall asleep and took a short nap in her momma’s arms.

Adjusting the photo session to what was needed for little ones

What was great about that time is that I was able to engage Keller and have a lot of fun with her. As her baby sister slept, we did everything from picking flowers to playing with bubbles to pretending to be butterflies. I loved hearing her little stories and questions she would ask, and she made it her goal of the night to pick as many flowers as possible and bring them to me  :-) raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_08raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_07raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_11raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_15family-portraits-kate-cherry-photography-raleigh-ncraleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_16raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_12family-photography-raleigh-nc-kate-cherry-photography

After a small nap, little Mary Piper woke up and was great! We used the remaining time to get images of her and her sister together and a few by herself and with each of her parents. It was perfect and we couldn’t have asked for better. raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_18raleigh-family-photography-kate-cherry-photographyraleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_20raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_19raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_22raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_25raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_24raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_32raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_27

A dream come true

When Meredith had first asked me about doing a portrait session, she was telling me they really hadn’t had any professional images taken since their wedding. My heart did a little flip when she asked if we could set something up, as I had always thought it would be a dream to photograph a family as beautiful as hers. She and her husband met while working at Disney world as the respective characters of Cinderella & Prince Charming (among a few others they used to play.)

raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_29raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_31raleigh_family_photography_kate_cherry_photography_30We had such a great time together and I couldn’t have asked for better anything – they were a perfect family with some of the best hearts I’ve come to know and I feel very grateful to have helped provide some memories for them of this very special season in their lives.