If you’ve ever been to an event with people, music, entertainment and the like, you know that food is one of the primary aspects that can really set an event apart from the rest. There is nothing better than experiencing the aroma of grill-fired marinated chicken or tasting the sweet flavor of fresh fruit that is displayed in an artistic spread across a long table. Great flavors, preparations and display can add a lot to an experience, and that’s why I’ve realized having a top-notch caterer who pays attention to details can make all of the difference at your wedding, baby shower, birthday party, corporate event, etc. When the food tastes amazing, service is great, and you don’t have to worry about a thing, it makes for a great time for everyone there.

I’m really excited to introduce you to Chef John & Natasha Ford with Fords Fluent N’ Food, a Raleigh catering service. I had the pleasure of meeting them earlier this summer on a styled shoot we put together at the Leslie Alford Mims House in Holly Spring, NC. They began their business at the start of 2017 and have been growing rapidly ever since.

“It was important for Chef John and I to branch out and create our own identity in the food world,” Natasha said. “We have so much passion and love for food, we knew we were making the right decision when we started Fords Fluent N’ Food.”

Chef John and Natasha offer a personal approach to catering, as they are at every event they cater and speak with clients thoroughly before their events to make sure the clients are getting everything they want and need.

“When a client calls us, we ask their thoughts, and from there we create a base menu. We converse back and forth with the client until we create a menu together, and they get exactly what they want. It is a fun process and it allows us to get to know our clients better.”

Working with Chef John and Natasha firsthand, I will say that they are very attuned to details and making sure everything looks beautiful and tastes great. For the session we did together, the theme was a simple, yet elegant affair. Chef John worked his magic to create a beautiful dish of Chicken Confit and a Carolina Crab Cake appetizer that was perfect. The aromas the food created made all of our mouths water and the presentation made it look so delicious.

Natasha helped create and stage a beautiful fruit and cheese area to accent our summer-themed wedding. Coupled with the place settings that were put out by our rental partner and event planner, it came together perfectly.

Something I really appreciate that both Chef John and Natasha focus on is a farm-to-table approach with the quality of food they get down through the preparation of everything.

Natasha shared, “At Fords Fluent N’ Food we focus on the ‘fundamentals of fresh food.’ We believe in having a great deal of respect for the farmer, the fisherman, and everyone who works so hard to bring us the ingredients we know and love. Everything we prepare is fresh and cared for with the same love and passion as the ones who harvested it from the beginning.”

If you’re in the market for a professional, yet personable caterer for your event, takes some time to give Fords Fluent N’ Food a call to talk over your ideas. Whether you’re a bride looking for great service for your wedding day or if you want to do something for the smaller affair such as a bridal luncheon or rehearsal dinner; or if you’re a mom-to-be looking for someone to help you with hors d’oeuvres or a luncheon, you have a great option through Chef John and Natasha. For more information about Fords Fluent N’ Food, check out their website at http://www.fluentnfood.com/