A picture-perfect Raleigh family photo session

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I was thrilled to meet the White family when we got to the park right at the golden hour and the beautiful light of the afternoon sun poured across the grass.  Five minutes into meeting the sweet members of this family, I knew we were going to have a fabulous session.  Between the giggles, sweet smiles and running around, I couldn’t have asked for better, and the images we captured quickly turned into some of my favorites.

I get to meet so many great people through my photography business, but I have to say that the three sisters of this particular family really warmed my heart with their kindness and respect toward one another, as well as how helpful the older ones were toward their baby sister, Harper.

When I first spoke with Cameron and Brandon about their family, I tried to think of some things that would help showcase everyone’s personalities. I quickly learned that bubbles were a big hit for Harper, and it was so sweet to watch her older sister step in and blow the bubbles for her (and let Harper blow too!) so she could run and catch them.

I also learned that the girls were very close and helped each other quite a bit. It was fun to see them encourage one another, especially as they started doing cartwheels and handstands along the pathways :)

When I handed little Harper a flower, it seemed to completely make her day. The little grin and giggle that followed was priceless!

One of my favorite parts of a session is getting a few images of parents together by themselves, as I know it’s likely been awhile since they’ve had images taken of just the two of them. As I was talking with Cameron and Brandon, it was evident they share a great deal of love between themselves and their girls. Their daughters are the light of their lives. It was sweet to watch each of them try to make the other laugh as they shared stories and jokes between each other while they watched their daughters act silly and make faces at them off to the side :)

I’m so grateful I met the Whites and had the opportunity to get to know them as a family :) I hope we get the opportunity to do it again soon!


Are you looking to document this sacred time in your little ones’ lives? I’d love to hear from you!  Drop me a note through my contact page and share your story with me!