Photographing little ones | Findlay, OH Children Photographer


I love photographing children!  They always have this wonderful knack of being natural.  I think what sets them apart is that they never do anything that seems forced or contrived and photographing them exactly how they are (happy, upset, shy or otherwise) is exactly what I love to capture.

Meet Noah :)  This little guy is one of the happiest babies I think I’ve ever met.  Whenever he is around others he is always smiling, cooing and laughing.


What was fun about this session is that he had just learned to walk.  Watching the first steps of a little one, trying to balance themselves is a special time to witness.

Something that I also love about this age is their new-found curiosity in everything.  When Noah was introduced to his first dandelion, he proceeded like any other one-year old would do and put it on his head to try it on and then explored it some more by eating a petal.  He seemed to enjoy it :)