A Sparkly End to 2017

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It’s the last couple of days of 2017 and my, it has been quite a year!  Mixed with photo sessions, family and a little sickness sprinkled in, our time lately has been filled to capacity throughout our family’s holiday season. But one trip we took just before Christmas left us feeling excited, fulfilled and full of anticipation as we celebrated the arrival of the Christmas season and knowledge that 2018 would be making its debut not far behind.

The sparkling lights, the brisk air, and incredibly smooth and rich hot chocolate made the Biltmore House at Christmas a truly magical experience at night. Between the choirs of voices that greeted us as we walked in, to seeing more than 50 Christmas trees decorated throughout the house as if they’d each come out of a magazine, it was incredible.

I think one of my favorite parts of the trip was that we were able to bring along two friends who we’ve known for years, but due to distance aren’t able to see as often as we like.  With their presence, it made everything joyful. Hearing their “oohhs” and “ahhhs,” and then the mere help they offered my husband and me in taking care of our little ones was amazing. Not to mention, I enjoyed getting a few images of them laughing together and taking in the moment ☺

And we even got one of our family in there :)

In addition to visiting the Biltmore House in its splendid décor, we also happened upon the Grove Park Inn Hotel in Asheville where the national gingerbread house competition entrees were displayed. The intricate details and attention to theme and execution reminded me of creations I’ve seen made on the Food Channel.  We were all amazed!

Considering how busy things have been for our family, our church and my photography business as of late, we had been looking forward to this trip for quite awhile. I’m grateful we had the opportunity to go and had great company to keep while we were there. My hope is that 2018 will lend to more opportunities like this and we will remember to breathe through all of the crazy.

May you and yours have a very blessed 2018, and here is to making more memories in the weeks and months to come!

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