A Show-Stopper – Findlay First Edition & Pantasia – Findlay, Ohio photographer


For anyone who has ever lived or spent a significant amount of time in Northwest Ohio, it won’t take long to discover that show choirs are a big deal in high schools.  The students who are part of these groups spend upwards of three hours a day, several days a week practicing for the shows and competitions around the state.   Similarly, music groups/bands are a prized commodity throughout all levels of education.   When the opportunity came about through The Arts Partnership of Findlay to photograph Findlay First Edition (FFE) and Pantasia in a show they did together, I was more than thrilled to take it on.

FFE began the show singing and dancing to some great tunes and putting all of their energy into it.

One of my favorite numbers was a whimsical one the guys led.  Toward the middle of the song, one of them moved across the others as the guys under him rolled to the right.

Once FFE finished, Pantasia took the stage.  Pantasia was great playing the steel drums and other percussion instruments, which gave a feel of island music throughout the auditorium.

Both groups did a great job and I commend them on their energy and level of commitment.  Remembering my busy days in high school with various groups, I can only understand how much work and time they put into these groups.  Great job guys!

To view all of the images from the Findlay First Edition/Pantasia show, please visit http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/21312336_jMm5pN  Send me an e-mail if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing prints!