Celebrating the 500th Win – Liberty-Benton Coach Steve Williman | Findlay, OH Photographer


Things have started heating up in photography – booking jobs and meeting new people is something I love with the coming of spring!  But I wanted to be sure I took some time to share with you some of the images I took several weeks ago of Coach Steve Williman with his family and friends celebrating his 500th win in basketball.

The celebration party for the Liberty-Benton basketball coach was a great time with over 100 in attendance.

It was apparent to see how many supporters and advocates Coach Williman had by the number of people who came as well as the outpouring of support from his current and former players.

They were even good to have a sense of humor about him :)

Congratulations on your 500th win, Coach Williman!  It was a lot of fun to capture the moments of your celebration!