A Year in Review 2013 | Ohio Portrait Photography


Yay!  I’m so excited 2014 is here and that there are so many great things to look forward to.  One of the things I do every year is reflect back and look through all of the amazing sessions I had the privilege of capturing the year before and look at ways to incorporate new ideas in future ones. Between being a new full-time mommy and working in my business full-time, 2013 was a challenging year to learn how to balance everything, but all in all, I think it worked out in the end :)  I ended up photographing some of my favorite sessions to date, and as I move forward in 2014, I’m excited to see what comes my way :)

But before I go into some of my favorite images from 2013, I’d like to say thank you.  Thank you to my wonderful clients who make my job possible every day.  Without you, I wouldn’t be able to continue to do what I love, and thank you for allowing me to be the one to capture such special times in each of your lives.  And thank you to my friends and family for encouraging me and sticking by me through my journey.  There is no way any of this would be possible without the love and support I get from you.

So without further ado, here is a taste of the moments captured in 2013:

130125_Pantasia-FFE_Show_35-web130312_Asher_Haselman_4mo_31-web Cadence Miller-webMiller_Family_08-webBlog Image - Cadence Miller130504_Brian_&_Brenda_34-web130504_Brian_&_Brenda_68-web 130504_Brian_&_Brenda_32-webIMG_9360-3 copy IMG_9371-webElizabeth Blog Image130405_Elizabeth_Weddington_35-webElizabeth Blog Images130405_Elizabeth_Weddington_53-web130615_Asher_Haselman_7_mo_17-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_017-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_449-webBlog Photos - Wedding130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_414-webIMG_4053-web 130801_Garry_Armstrong_20-web130914_Hannah_Hunt_061-webHannah - Blog Post 130914_Hannah_Hunt_115-web130927_Asher_10_Months_045-web130927_Asher_10_Months_011-web 130927_Asher_10_Months_104-webWedding Blog Image131022_Klink_Family_56-web131009_Maggie_7_months_21-web 131009_Maggie_7_months_78-web 131009_Maggie_7_months_57--1-web131103_Lortz_Family_77-web131110_Brynn_&_Andi_046-web131110_Brynn_&_Andi_056-web131110_Brynn_&_Andi_100-web