In-Home Raleigh newborn session: The Horstman Family

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I could not have been more thrilled to meet Sarah and Marc’s little girl who made her debut in the world just a few short weeks ago. When I got Marc’s text that little Anne had arrived, I could feel the excitement through the words he typed :)

A few days after her arrival, I went to Sarah & Marc’s house to meet their sweet girl. “So how is everything going? How are you all feeling?” I asked these questions as I set my things down.

“It’s going ok – we’re definitely tired, but settling into things well,” Sarah replied. I got to peer into Sarah’s arms at that point and see the sweet little face that was asleep in her arms. “Meet Anne,” she said with a smile.

Oh my goodness, what a little sweetheart I got to see! The sweetness of that little girl truly made her like an angel through the whole session. Her little breaths, tiny newborn features and small yawns and smiles melted my heart.

Getting images of families that can create a book of memories is something I always try to do. I want to create moments that make them feel something when they look back on them. It’s more than creating a pretty image on a page – it’s creating a memory that can live outside of your mind and be shared with others to help you remember a time that is so fleeting and precious. To do this, I get a variety of shots including images of the family together, individual images of their little one and details that tell the story of who their family is and what brings them together. This includes the little details of the newborn I’m photographing too – sweet baby toes, little fingers, tiny ears and precious little yawns. They’re the moments that quickly change as a little one gets older (even by just a few weeks or months!), so they’re worth capturing to look back on and remember.

I loved watching how both Marc and Sarah moved seamlessly, as if they’d been doing this parenting thing for years, tending to Anne throughout her session. Between feedings, soothing her when she was fussy and changing cloth diapers (cutest things ever, by the way!) they were pros, and only a few days in.

Both Marc & Sarah are in math/science professions, so it was great to see how they’d decorated their nursery with an abacus and other little things that were meaningful to them.

I can’t wait to photograph little Anne at her three/four month session when I’m sure she’ll be smiling and lifting her head. What will be even more remarkable is to document how much she’s changed at six months and then a year :) The transformation is incredible in such a short amount of time.

Are you or someone you know expecting in the next few months? I’d love to hear your story and talk to you about documenting this sweet time in your life. Contact me today to set up a time we can chat and I can go over the different photography options I offer!