Katie & Jeremy | Ohio Wedding photographer


There are so many different kinds of photography, and each genre takes a different approach and style.   One of my favorites is weddings – I love doing weddings, mostly because I get to tell a story through my images of something special between two people that is unmatched by any other experience someone will go through.  It’s also one of the hardest types of photography to do because there is so much that goes into it behind the scenes, as well as when you’re shooting – you have to be several places at once :)  But I’m always up for a challenge :)  Plus, what’s better than watching two people live out their love story?130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_017-web

When I was asked to photograph Katie & Jeremy’s wedding, I was truly honored to capture their special day.  Katie & Jeremy have a very special relationship centered around Christ, and it was amazing to watch how each of them incorporated their faith as individuals into their day, but also as a couple.130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_042-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_060-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_086-webKatie & Jeremy 2130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_107-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_443-webKatie & Jeremy 5
(The two images above were taken by my second shooter Emily Musgrave of Emily Musgrave Photography.  I so appreciated all of her help!!)

I loved the simplicity and elegance of the details and attention that went into planning the ceremony and reception.  It’s those little pieces that give a wedding its character and personality.  Flowers were provided by Panache Floral & Interior and then assembled by family members.  The cake was provided by Deena’s Cakes & Cookies and the DJ was Joe Lowery with Time Warp Mobile DJ Service.  Sue Freed from The Gilded Chair provided chair covers and table linens for the reception hall at the Findlay Country Club.  130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_319-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_314-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_248-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_273-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_279-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_292-web

And of course, the emotion of the day is something you can’t stage or really force, so being there for those tender moments is priceless. 130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_350-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_498-webKatie & Jeremy 3130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_465-webKatie & Jeremy 4

There’s always a little fun to be had too :)130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_414-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_421-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_431-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_501-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_567-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_553-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_599-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_626-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_649-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_669-web130518_Kate_&_Jeremy_Wedding_592-web

Congratulations Katie & Jeremy!  May you have a beautiful and prosperous marriage!